Urban Guides Quebec City Guidebook - Pamela MacNaughtan
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Experience the captivating history and culture of one of North America’s oldest cities, Québec City, through the eyes of an anglophone who decided to make Québec City her home after a short visit in 2013.

Urban Guides Québec City is written through the eyes of someone who has fallen head-over-heels in love with Québec City, wandered the cobblestone streets of Old Québec, drank too much chocolat chaud and eaten too many croissants to count, embraced the surge of tourists and found little alcoves of peace.

A city with a  ‘big village’ vibe, Québec City is more than history and old stone buildings and poutine (all of which are pretty cool). It is a city filled with talented artists, beautiful boutiques, cozy cafés, delicious restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Discover popular neighbourhoods like Old Québec, Petit-Champlain, Place Royale and Vieux-Port; as well as local neighbourhoods like Montcalm, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint-Roch, Limoilou and Saint-Sauveur. Utilize neighbourhood bucket lists to help plan your trip, and discover locally-owned boutiques, cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

It’s time to explore Québec City through the eyes, hearts and stomachs of its locals!





Discover Québec City’s BEST Neighbourhoods: Old Québec (Vieux-Québec), Petit-Champlain, Place Royale and Vieux-Port are the first neighbourhoods people visit. Plan your bucket list, visit locally owned boutiques, eat Québécois cuisine and more!

Neighbourhood Bucket Lists: A collection of activities, sites and experiences in popular neighbourhoods, as well as a few local ones!

Explore Local Neighbourhoods: Venture off-the-tourist-track into vibrant neighbourhoods like Montcalm, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint-Roch, Limoilou and Saint-Sauveur!

Self-Guide Instagram Tour of Old Québec: Explore (and Instagram) your way around the streets and sites of Old Québec, Petit-Champlain, Place-Royale and Vieux-Port.

Day Trips: Make times to escape the city with a day trip to places like  Île d’Orléans, Wendake and  Montréal.

A Brief History: Learn about the history of Québec City and key figures like Samuel de Champlain (who established the settlement in 1608), Bishop Laval, Jean Talon and more.

Restaurant Recommendations: Let your taste buds discover new flavours. All of the restaurants in this guidebook are locally owned. Dine on everything from French to Québécois to Italian to Vietnamese to Moroccan cuisines.

Shopping Suggestions: Wander the aisles of locally-owned boutiques in search of Québec-made souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, home décor and more!

Nightlife: Explore the pubs and bars of Québec City, go dancing at Maurice, enjoy live music at Le Cercle or go on a beer tour!

General Advice: Tips on driving in the city, where to park, hospitals and pharmacies, getting around, language and more!






From childhood road trips to my first solo adventure in Scotland (1998) to quitting my full-time job and travelling the world, I have always been a lover of new people, experiences and culture. While the majority of my travels took place in Southeast Asia, a short trip to Québec City in 2013 left me gasping for breath.

I fell in love with the city, history, culture, food and people. I loved walking the old streets and discovering the hidden corners. I loved it so much I leased an apartment. When I’m not travelling I’m writing about Québec City, often from the cozy confines of my apartment in Old Québec.





Urban Guides Québec City delves deeper than many guidebooks, exploring popular (and essential) neighbourhoods, as well as local neighbourhoods that give one a sense of what life is like in Québec City. You’ll come to Québec City to experience the history and culture, but the charm of the locals will have you wanting to come back.


Focuses on the local side of the city, Urban Guides Québec City highlights only local businesses, artists and producers. It contains bucket list items that are both popular and off-the-tourist-track. It is, in a way, my love letter to the city I now call home.


I love the history of the old city, and in the early morning hours, I can often be found walking along the smaller streets and alleys admiring the architecture and fine details that many miss. I could spend hours (and have!) staring at Château Frontenac, it is so majestic and beautiful. My body is a testament to the deliciousness of croissants, rich chocolat chaud, poutine and Québécois cuisine.


I’m an anglophone who feels completely at home in a francophone city, and my French is awful. I want everyone to love Québec City as much as I do, to have charming encounters and appreciate the talented local artisans and producers who are at the heart of the city.” – Pamela MacNaughtan





“I’m a local and I wanted to read a new book about Québec city and I think that one is really well done! Many insight about the city and many good advise for anybody tourist or local.

Take it before you come to Quebec!”

“What a great guide to the city. With few options in English for travelers visiting the city, this is a god-send for independent travelers. It has a true local’s slant to the information, sharing the stories of the people behind the recommendations as well, which I love. I have not yet visited the city, but I feel completely prepared now.

Plus, in addition to being useful, it’s gorgeous too! It’s a pleasure to dig through the various sections and plan my trip to Quebec City.”

“Fantastic guide which goes in much more depth than most. You can clearly tell this was written by an insider with rich knowledge of the city. Highly recommended for those looking to explore this fascinating city!”

“… I’ve spent chunks of time in Quebec City. My longest stay of 6 weeks (for a French immersion program some years ago) gave me what I thought was a good insider take on one of the oldest cities in North America. Or so I thought. Pamela MacNaughtan’s book has provided entire layers of Quebec City that I somehow missed. Urban Guides: Quebec City has enticed me to go back again.”