A Day in Yellowknife

It’s 4:00am and I throw back the curtains in my hotel room, hoping to see clear skies after a rainy and grey arrival the day before. 

I was greeted with a wall of fog so thick that I couldn’t see anything beyond my balcony railing. “NO!”, I groaned, shaking my fist weakly before shutting the curtains and crawling back into bed. Maybe if I pretend to go back to sleep Mother Nature will curb her diva act and bring on the sunshine.

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Gear You Need For The Mongol Rally

There are many opinions floating around about what gear you need on the Mongol Rally. It’s a BIG adventure. There are a lot of variables to consider. You don’t want to show up under prepared, or show up looking like you’re opening an outdoor store in the trunk of your rally car. Do you? Yeah, I didn’t think so… Let’s talk about basic gear.

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I Didn’t Make It To Mongolia

I may not have made it to Mongolia, but I did make it to Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan!

Writing about not finishing the Mongol Rally was difficult, I think because I was admitting (more to myself, than others) failure. Okay, perhaps failure is a rather strong word. And perhaps I am harder on myself than I need to be. I do take pride in what I do, and when I don’t accomplish something I set out to do, it bothers me. But, did I actually fail? Maybe not…

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Road Tripping from Banff to Toronto

The sleeping bag smelled faintly of old mown grass and dirt as I opened the black garbage bag it was stored in and rolled it out over the back seat of my car. In a matter of hours, I would be leaving Banff to drive my car to Toronto. I’ve driven from Banff to Toronto before (in fact, I did it 2 weekends ago when I needed to drive my Mom and her car to Orangeville). It’s a long drive. About 2-3 days long.

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