My trek to Thailand was a long one. After a 14hr flight from LA to Hong Kong, a 10hr layover and then a 2.5 yr flight to Bangkok, I was bagged. Β The directions to the hostel (NapPark) seemed straightforward, but in the end, I was lost and needed a local to guide me. Sad, I know. Once I did arrive and checked in, the plan was sleep, however, Rolf -one of my male roomies thought otherwise.

With a little coaxing, I changed out of my pj’s and left the hostel with Rolf. Our mission, to get a foot massage.

Sounds nice and relaxing, right? Wrong! Rolf had visited this particular spot before, so I let him take care of finding the right ladies. As I sat down in the chair facing the street, I was excited. It was my first food massage! When the lady began working on my right foot, I was in heaven. I wanted to pass out right there (and almost did). When she started working on my left foot it was much the same. She’d rub lotion on it and knead it with her hands. It felt amazing. Then I started to feel sharpish pain in the bottom of my foot. She was using a wooden tool and pressing firmly on my various pressure points.

At certain intervals, the pain would be so great that I was gripping the seat cushion and arching my back or squeezing Rolf”s hand until it was numb. My Thai masseuse just giggled and carried on with her work. After what seemed like and hour of torture she stopped. I was so relieved. It was over. Until she started doing the same routine on my right foot.

10 minutes later the torture on my feet was over and it was time for a neck and back massage. I was super excited as I know I have a few knots. All I can say is that rubbing it one thing, digging a bony elbow into my knotted back is an entirely different experience. To top off the torture also known as a Thai massage, she dug her knee into my back as she pulled up on my arms, causing me to arch and pray that my massage would be over soon.

Within an hour I had been rubbed, poked, slapped, pounded, smacked in the head with a wooden tool, punched (which did not feel good on my bruised legs) and stretched. As I paid the 200 baht, I was relieved that the experience was over, and pleasantly awaiting the hard bed waiting for me back at the hostel.