As a girl with ginormous boobs (and far from average stature) who has spent most of her travels in Asia, I am not accustomed to travelling in countries where I can experience complete acceptance. I’m used to walking around and having locals stare, or point. Where everyone is so tiny that it would be difficult to buy a bra that fit one of my boobs, let alone both of them. I’m used to having a tough exterior and pretending I don’t understand what is going on – and having to give myself permission to stay in on days where I’m not feeling at my best.

Mexico is different.

One of the things I noticed on my first day in Mexico were the extremely large busted mannequins displaying women’s clothing – like everyday clothing, not hooker-like clothing. I was like “Woah, I’ve never seen a mannequin with such a large bust before. Crazy!”, and I’m sure I am far more impressed by it than I need to be, but frankly, it’s kind of nice to travel to a place where the majority of women are not a size 2!

The sense of acceptance extends beyond mannequins (because how on earth can a mannequin convey the feeling of acceptance). I can walk around town and nobody is staring or pointing or making fun in their own language because they think I’m too stupid to understand why they’re staring, pointing, and giggling at me. It is SO refreshing.

Travelling in a country where body image is not an issue is amazing. Truly. I can go out without obsessing about my clothing and the way said clothing hangs or clings. I can walk around and completely immerse myself in the country and culture of Mexico. I can attempt to talk to locals in my broken Spanish and know that they’re not saying nasty things to me while smiling (as they do in China). I am experiencing complete and utter freedom. Freedom from judgement. Freedom from body image pressures. Freedom to live life and enjoy myself. Freedom to choose the path that I want to choose. Freedom to wake up every day feeling like a rock star, and not like a scullery maid.

I am far from perfect, and I have a lot of things to work on. Being in a place like Mexico, where the pressures of being perfect don’t exist,  I feel like I can work on myself in a way that is comfortable and more effective. I can make healthier choices. I can walk all day and explore whatever city or town I may be in.

I know, this post is sounding like a cheesy love letter or something, but it’s where my head is at right now. I feel like I’m in a travel bubble as I’m not used to this kind of freedom when I travel. I seriously hope this continues throughout Mexico and into Latin America. I could get used to this.