Market Love in Asia [PHOTOS]

Food is an essential part of the human existence, so it makes sense that food often plays a big role when travelling around the world –not just in terms of sustenance. Many of us plan trips based on photographs we have seen and articles (or blogs) we have read. For some, the draw is beautiful architecture or stunning landscapes, for others, like myself, it is the promise of bustling markets, flavourful foods and a chance to learn about a new culture.

Food is often at the core of my most cherished travel experiences – whether consumed or merely admired – and remains a focus in my future travel plans. 

When I travel to a new place, whether its in Canada or somewhere else in the world, the top item on my bucket list (I’m not a huge fan of this term, but my mind is having trouble finding a new one) is often ‘find local markets‘.

#1 Bucket List Item: Find Local Markets

Over the years, markets have become an important part of my travels around the globe – a habit that took root during my first trip to Thailand in 2010.

Often the heart of a community, markets are a place to discover regional foods, experience new flavours and learn about local culture. Home Cooked meals and treats can be spotted here and there, along with fresh fruit and vegetables and meat and fish displayed on everything from tables to colourful plastic sacks lying on a packed dirt floor.

Whether I’m in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, I spend a lot of time exploring markets. In Bangkok, when I stay in Silom, I’ll venture to the market in soi 20 to buy fresh fruit, eat breakfast or enjoy one of my favourite Thai foods, Pla Pao (fish stuffed with lemongrass, salted and grilled).  In Chiang Mai, I venture to somphet market in the old city, or the night food market at Chiang Mai Gate or the Sunday Night market filled with street food and (what feels like) everything under the sun.

Of course, I go to other markets as well. Basically, if I see a market, I divert from my path to check it out. A habit that takes place in every country I visit.

Here are some of my favourite market wanders in Asia.



Hong Kong

Sri Lanka

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Bangkok can be, at times, a rather intense city. In 2010, the city had a population of about 8.2 million people –– this doesn’t take into account the number of tourists/backpackers in the city –– all of whom need to, somehow, get around Bangkok. Thankfully, the city’s transportation infrastructure is pretty solid and easy to navigate.

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It’s been a long day (or more) of travel as you slog through the customs line at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK), you’re tired, hungry and want to stop moving (and probably have a long shower as well), there is only one problem, you still need to get to your hotel or hostel. Thankfully getting from the Bangkok airport to the city centre is not a difficult task.

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Actually, pretty is not the right word, Scotland is stunning and complex and rugged.

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A Bangkok Bucket List

I love Bangkok. It is a multifaceted city; then again most cities are. While many travellers decide to skip Bangkok, or only spend a day or two in the city, I like to stay awhile. Why? Because it is awesome, and there are still so many things I want to see/do/experience there (and share with you guys). The following is a list of experiences that I think ALL OF YOU should consider doing in Bangkok.

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Exploring Bangkok’s Lat Mayom Floating Market

A walk through Bangkok’s Khao San road, the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and other touristy sites generally results in more than a couple tuk-tuk drivers touting trips to a floating market. While many will accept their offer, there are some who shy away, not wishing to visit an overcrowded market that is filled with more tourists than locals.

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Working with Elephants at Elephant Nature Park

As I sit in a wooden chair on the platform, surrounded by fighting dogs and cats that could care less about what is happening around them, I look towards the grounds of the park as the sky turns into soft oranges, yellows, and pinks; In the distance I hear the deep roar of an elephant, followed by a sharp trumpet from another.

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