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It’s the beginning of January and the air in Québec City is so crisp I feel like I’m a popsicle that has been in the freezer for too long and I’m covered in ice crystals. In Ontario, I hide inside when the temperature drops, in...

My fingers are sticky and wet, and I can feel juice slowly trickling from the corner of my mouth to my chin; looking around I notice I'm not the only person who decided to eat with my hands, and I feel a sense of relief; I tend to worry about displaying bad manners when eating in a foreign country.

Toronto has one of Canada's hottest food scenes, and as such, I have a very long list of restaurants to experience - which seems to grow weekly. This means I am spending less time at the restaurants I adore, and more time exploring new ones. Sometimes trying something new is meh, but sometimes trying something new is fabulous. Electric Mud BBQ was fabulous.

When I arrived in Singapore I was thrilled about the location of the hostel I'd be staying in. I was in the Arabic area. I had visions of incredible food. Food I had been craving for months and unable to find while I was in...